Friday, July 27, 2007

Blink and you'll miss something

It's funny how the eye, or the brain, works. I've been down to the old park several times in recent months, photographing the area from every angle, looking for things I may have missed. Today, this boulder next to the promenade about halfway between the dance hall and the pier stands out like a sore thumb.

Have to look through photos from other recent trips and see if it is even there. Perhaps it is just a new face on an old rock, making it stand out.

Down at the old Erie Beach Amusement Park ruins, it's almost like Bits and Bites -- you get a different eyeful every time.

I don't think it's the one that Thomas writes about here, but exactly how does a big round boulder get to such a place?

Come to think of it, I remember another giant boulder near where we swam (wouldn't do that today) in the area west of the pier. Who moved that?


Anonymous said...

Hello again Gord,
That sure looks like the boulder I remember being on the scoured flat section of bedrock just west of the pier. This one in your photo looks to be further west than I remember and I really don't recall seeing it in my excursions. I've probably walked past it dozens of times and it just never registered....gettin old I guess. As for how it got there I would have thought the ice would have driven it east along the lakeshore and not drawn it back 'up' the shoreline. I'll look for it next time I'm down there....

Keep up the great work! It's nice to see positive interest being shown for a site that's held my interest for so many years....

best regards


Dennis said...

Hello Gord,

The rock with the smiley face has been there for years. Every time I pay a visit to Erie Beach, I have my girlfriend take a picture of me with the rock.