Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wreck on the beach

Been a long time since I've been out to the very end of the pier, let alone swimming in the area, but I don't recall any shipwrecks within spitting distance of the dock. However, an email this morning has me thinking.

Thomas wrote: "Years ago whilst fishing with my son just off the pier at Erie Beach, we drifted across what looked like the ribs from a ship. The water had just begun to clear with the advent of the Zebra mussels and said wreck was plain as day as we fished. I've never heard anyone mention it nor have I found any reference to it in any of the accounts of this area. I have included the link to a
Google sat-map of the spot for you ... As you can see from the photo, the hull was a fair size, of wooden construction [my observation] and having a pointed bow [possibly schooner turned barge]. I've lived here since 1969 and do not remember anything about it. I remember seeing a grounded and half sunk cabin cruiser that had washed into the rectangular cutout during a storm at Erie Beach [back in the seventies]."

Does anyone have information that can shed some light on this mystery? Please email me if you have something to share.

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Dennis said...

WOW, I've looked at Google Earth photos 100's of times and never noticed that there until now. I see there is another one in shallow water just out from Lasalle Park in Buffalo.