Sunday, July 22, 2007

Decades of destruction

The old pier which was used as a landing for steamships full of American visitors falls apart more each year, battered by the elements. The force of Mother Nature can be seen in the crumpled concrete and twisted re-bar rising from the remains.


Thomas said...

Hi Gord,
Do you happen to remember the large boulder that sat on the flat section of bedrock adjacent to the broken section of boardwalk? It was massive probably 4 or 5 feet in diameter. Was there for many years and then it's gone. It actually shows up on one of the old pics here on your site showing the shoreline rides. I've never really looked around for it but it's been a puzzle for me for a few years now. Great site by the way....

best regards


Erie Beach Gord said...

If only I could remember ... it sounds familiar but until recently I had only been down through the area once in probably 20 years. While there was a time I was down there every day, memories of many little details have faded. Would imagine it posed a challenge for a group of healthy individuals who decided to see how far they could roll it away. Thanks for dropping by.