Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who was Shane?

Was away from Fort Erie for many years, so I don't know the significance of this memorial. Who was Shane (Red Dog) Hookey? Who is Laurie S.?

Also, the swing ride foundation is in the background, further to the east, so what ride were these pillars part of?

(update: according to Bob Byledbal's Erie Beach Revisited, the pillars supported a short bridge fro the promenade to the Slide Tower, a Dutch windmill-shaped structure, sans blades, which stood 35 feet high and had a slide winding around its girth)


Johnny V said...

Thank You for sharing Your post. I have a story to share with your readers.I began taking my dog for a walk along there last year.We came across the memorial, along with a few of his friends having a beer in his memory. I didn't ask about the memorial, but was often curious, and now I know it was easy as just asking the question? Who was Shane?

Damaged_bad_at_best said...

Shane was a tattoo artist, a guitar player, a singer, a writer. A great guy, also my big brother. He was killed in a motorcycle accident. This memorial was placed here by his friend cause they used to hangout there. We just had his 20th there this past June. We are so grateful people see this and want to know about him. We miss him very much and this keeps a piece of him going.

Shannon Hookey