Thursday, February 26, 2009

UPDATE: Who was Shane?

A while back I posted a photo and asked a question about the memorial to Shane. His sister emailed recently:

my name is shannon hookey, i stumbled upon your page late last nite while i was up killing time. i was typing in my brothers name to see if the facebook group i put up called shane hookey drew on me came up on google. i stopped when i seen who is shane, and thought who better to tell you than his little sister. shane was a singer, guitar player (who showed me i wanted to be the same) most of all he was an artist. he did a lot of tattoos on a lot of people in fort erie, he was only 22 when he passed, i guess cause i was 15, he seemed so grown up, but as much as i like tattoos, now that i'm close to 30 i don't think i'd let a young guy ink me. he had been doing tattoos for years. his hair was red, thats where red came from, the dog was later added when he was making tattoo cards, red dog tattoos, his office being my mums kicthen, and later his own. thats how good he was, people trusted this young guy, working out of his mums kicthen. he did some art work at fort erie (the kids school by the high school) which i didn't know, i did a co-op there and all over walls and lockers were painted cartoons, and it turned out my brother had done it, so they let my mum come in and take pics. in may of 95 he was riding his motorcyle on central brige, we think he looked back to see if his friends had cought up in the car they were in and he drifted into the other lane, hitting a car. he spent a week in ecmc and on june 3rd passed away. who is laurie s. an old friend of his. she had it painted for him, in that spot, from what i hear, cause thats where him and his friends hung out when they were in high school. not long ago, this pic was in the paper asking the same question as you. it was so great to have a reason to tell his story, and now i get a chance to do it again. so thank you so much. i wanted to leave a coment on your page, but my computer is acting up, so please feel free to put up an answer, if you want.
thank you again


Anonymous said...

excellent post. I was touring around the Erie area last week and came across the painted memorial. I just found this explanation while searching to find out who Shane Hookey was. He must have been someone very special to have such a creative memorial painted in his memory.

Many thanks for posting this. RIP Shane.

katie said...

Thank you so much for posting this I having been going to waverly beach my whole life, I live in Welland but I call Waverly my second home and have always loved that picture and wondering what the red bulldog was, you posting this I will always remember.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Shane will always be remembered as a considerate, kind, caring and artistic person. He was everyone's friend in highschool. R.I.P. Shane ♥

Katie L said...

There is a day that goes bye that I don't think of you.but when I'm down bye water n I stop n think about you on that rock it just hits me. You were very loving n caring person. You sadly missed bye each n everyone. R.i.p shane xoxo