Friday, January 22, 2010

'I'll never forget that place'

Tony, now residing in Texas, shared his thoughts in the comments section:

When my 2 cuz's and I were growing up in the 60's we spent alot of time at what we called the old dance hall. They lived in Ridgeway so we took that long bike ride to the dance hall down Garret rd. Evertime we went there was like our first time. I thought and still do think that it was so awsome how they painted the pic's on the concreat wall. I now for the past 27 years live in Tx. But I can till you that even at 51 years old I'll never forget that place and the AWSOME people of Canada.I love Canada and always will.
Tony Zizzo

2 comments: said...

Does anyone have any information regarding the homes on neighboring Crescent Beach that were part of an estate that I think was from the Pierce (Arrow) family? Thanks!

Andrea long schlieder said...

My grandmother lived right down the road fro the abandoned park. My cousin and I spent hours every summer exploring this place. It was fun and mysterious and I never forgot it. I am thrilled to see pictures of what it looked like in it,s heydey